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Sun Feb 10 2019

Essential Ruby Gems for Web Application Development with Rails 5

6 min read

Ruby on Rails is a popular choice for development of web applications due to it’s simplicity and prototyping speed. Rails has a very complex and all inclusive toolkit out of the box which fulfills most requirements arising during regular web application development cycles. However, when requirement becomes more specific, even Rails’ enormous inbuilt tools seem inadequate. But thanks to the huge Ruby community, there are thousands of ruby gems out of which you can find the perfect gem to suit your requirements without having to code everything yourself.

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Wed Feb 13 2019

A Collection of Tips and Tricks For The Ruby Language

5 min read

Ruby is a boon to software developers. Its design simplifies the process of creating a program letting its developers spend more time on the algorithm and functionality rather than the code itself. I have been using Ruby for years now and in this article, I’ve decided to share some of Ruby’s most interesting yet not widely known features so that developers new to the Ruby language could benefit from it. So let’s dive right into some of Ruby’s most interesting Tips and Tricks.

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Sun Feb 17 2019

Debugging Sidekiq Workers Using pry-remote on Rails Applications

2 min read

Sidekiq is a fantastic solution for background processing in Ruby on Rails web applications. It allows you to run Rails code on a separate thread with really fast execution times. I have described some features of sidekiq in my article on Essential Ruby Gems For Web Application Development. In this article I will show you how you can debug sidekiq workers using pry-remote.

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Sun Apr 16 2023

Quick Reference: Smart Pointers in Rust

4 min read

Smart pointers in Rust can be a little overwhelming sometimes with all the options available like Box<T>, Cell<T>, Weak<T>, RwLock<T>. Here is a quick overview of the different smart pointers in rust so that you don't get lost in the ocean of Rust's documentation trying to find the right smart pointer for your usecase.

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