DevTechnica is a blog for software developers & engineers. It is a platform created by Sreedev Kodichath to share knowledge and resources to help software developers learn, improve and develop skills. DevTechnica was founded in Feb, 2019. Our goal is to create quality content and provide utilitarian resources to everybody for free forever.

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The Author

sreedev kodichath

A seasoned Rubyist and a resourceful developer with a flair for public speaking and blogging. Sreedev has worked on various projects that range from a single page application to highly data intensive web applications in Ruby, Python, Javascript & C.

Sreedev is a strong advocate of Free & Open Source Software and has actively contributed to many such projects. DevTechnica was founded by Sreedev with an intention of creating content and resources that are available to everybody free of cost. Feel free to drop me a message below.

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